OSB Task Forces

Following are current Task Forces or workgroups of the OSB Board of Governors (BOG), and the Oregon Board of Bar Examiners (BBX).

Paraprofessional Licensing Implementation Committee (PLIC) (BOG)
Establishing a framework for licensing paralegals to provide limited legal services in the areas of family law and landlord/tenant law, two areas of significant unmet public need.

The Board of Governors accepted the report from the Paraprofessional License Implementation Committee regarding the development of a program to license professionals to provide limited legal assistance to clients in family law and landlord/tenant cases at its November board meeting. The committee will pursue next steps and solicit public comment on the proposal.

To that end, anyone in interested in providing written comments is invited to do so at [email protected]. Additional public comment is invited for the February 2022 board meeting.

Here is a brief program summary. Additional information on the proposal is available at the at the committee website.

Report to OSB Board of Governors Comment on PLIC

Alternatives to the Exam (ATE) (BBX)
Examining practices such as apprenticeship programs, experiential learning programs and admission by diploma privilege based on law school graduation, as used in other jurisdictions, and how they might translate to the Oregon environment.

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Committee on Alternatives to Required Education (CARE) (BBX)
Exploring models of legal education beyond the traditional three-year law school to increase access for those in rural communities and other areas where membership may be under-represented.

This committee will begin meeting later in 2021. The schedule will be posted here when it is confirmed.

Standard Setting Task Force (SSTF) (BBX)
This task force examined evidence-based standards to set a passage score for the Oregon bar exam that accurately reflects minimum professional standards. On July 7, the Oregon Supreme Court accepted the report and voted to establish a pass score of 270 for the Oregon exam. We thank the Task Force for its work, and await the final order of the Court.

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